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Evolution project
Evolution project

#Everydaybag is your first step in less waste life


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what is evolution project?


You have a choice

When did we even let supermarkets to ruin our lifestyles?


Eco living isn't so difficult or expensive. Long term is much cheaper and your health will also benefit from it. Our aim is to help people to live like it was before plastic took over everything. A simple changes can reduce the waste we generate in households. Our zero waste products are just ideas of changes in your lifestyle to get sustainability into your home. 

"The best way to reduce plastic pollution is to reduce plastic at first place"


Take easy steps

We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.@zerowastechef 

Our zero waste products are here to help you start your new lifestyle. Each of it is an easy step. You can make as many steps as you like. You can skip steps if something is too difficult.  We want you to actually change habits, not just buy a product.

We also simply do not want any of our products to end up in the landfill. Because sustainability is something we should all think about. 


Why Evolution Project?


So let's start from conclusion this time because many people don't like reading. 

Evolution because we pushed our evolution so much forward we need to hold it, stop it and push it back. We need to prove our intelligence otherwise we can be the ones to laugh at.  There're simple actions you can take and every simple action counts. 

Project because it is a project. We strongly believe that our human nature is to live with nature and that it is not in human nature to harm our only home- Earth.

We can all start now!

What is that what stops you?


What happens when you support us

If you support our initiative you also support our future plans. We want to provide more zero waste products but sustainability isn't easy to find. It takes hours to find the right sources. But we believe that as a team of two we've already achieved some great results. Help us to reduce the waste WE ALL generate in our households. Because eco living is for everyone.


We want our products to be fair sourced. Sustainability is our direction.

That's why we always try to find best sources.

That's why we look for people who create rather than support big corporations.   

We  also try to gain all important certificates when we purchase materials for our zero waste products.

Nowadays it isn't that easy and you can be fooled by Eco-friendly companies which says than their product is 100% not harming the environment.  If you look closer on anything you'll always find the things which should be improved in many aspects.

As only team of two, we try to get best solutions for materials and places we're getting it from.  We think twice before deciding about purchasing next product. 


Who makes our products and your impact

Our main mission is to provide zero waste products for eco living which won't stay on this planet forever and won't harm the environment.

Products which are natural and have nothing in common with plastic. 

Our values are handmade, plastic free, less waste, Eco-friendly.

We always look for compostable options first. 

If you think one of our products could be improved or changed 

let us know!!

We want to hear from you!


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