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Evolution project
Evolution project




Evolution project's aim is mainly to raise awareness about climate change and other aspects closely connected to it.

We believe that everyone connected together can make a huge positive environmental impact on our planet. We also think that is everyone's duty to take responsibility for their actions.  We've been told that it's ok to waste so we've made a mess for future generations. But now our future is uncertain as well.

Climate change is a fact, proven by many researchers and scientists.

We need to be aware that this is OUR MESS which we've made because of our lazy lifestyles. If we won't change a thing we will poison ourselves with micro-plastic in our water and food, we will  face more disasters and we'll need to adapt to new environmental conditions. 



However we all can change.

We create marketplace so we can force it to change. We can choose what we want. That is only our decisions which creates demand and fashion.

There is no need to support huge brands which do not ever try to be environmentally  friendly or just pretend they do something.

Evolution project can make environmentally friendly products for life without using tons of plastic and unnecessary packaging.

Evolution project emerged because We didn't want to wait for big brands to create what we wanted. We've decided that we'll create it ourselves.

And that we are going to provide quality products for everyone. For life, not for long term never ending cash flow. We don't have tons of directors and we can still provide eco friendly products with no plastic packaging! SHOCKING :D

Let's reduce some waste together:D

Everything is in our hands.



Shall we all wait for the government to take action?

Is that your excuse?

Don't be lazy! Is that the planet you want to leave to your children? We all need to start respecting our only Earth.

That's why we want to help you to make your lifestyle feel better and create in your lifestyle environmentally friendly habits. With these you can also benefit with better health condition and you can save money on less waste lifestyle! Most of the products are "for life" that means you don't buy it very often.

Let's do some good together:D 

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